Academic Publications

Papers in Peer-reviewed Journals:

  • Rosakranse, C. & Oh, S. Y. (2014).  “Measuring Presence: The Use Trends of Five Canonical Presence Questionnaires from 1998-2012.” In Felnhofer, A.& Kothgassner, O.D.  (Eds.), Challenging Presence: Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Presence. Wien: facultas.wuv.

Book chapters:

  • Rosakranse, C., Nass, C., & Oh, S. Y. “Social Presence in CMC and Virtual Worlds.” In Burgoon, J., Vinciarelli, A., Pantic, M., Magnenat-Thalmann, N. (Eds.), Social Signal Processing. Cambridge University Press, 2016 (to appear).


Invited guest blogs:

Prior to Stanford:

  • Rosakranse, C., & Szczesniak, A. (2002). Alina Szczesniak (interviewed by Christine Rosakranse). MC. 0356 Interviews of the Margaret MacVicar Memorial AMITA Oral History Project.
  • Rosakranse, C. (2000).  On the Stochastic Processes of Life and Death.  MIT Mathematics Undergraduate Research Journal (MURJ), March 2000.




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