Digital Pen Pal Program with Project Hope Art

Right now Project Hope Art is starting a literacy program: and we need your help for the next steps!  They are translating children’s books into Kreyòl, English and French and wheat pasting large format copies to buildings in the community.  They are also developing a curriculum that incorporates the creation of art as a way for the children to express themselves while learning new languages and to concretize an understanding of the material.

Essentially we’d like to build a digital pen pal program to introduce technology and create an innovation framework for groups of “disadvantaged” youth in Port au Prince and Haiti. The NPO has an art center, teachers, accommodations and space for a pop-up classroom and gallery on the ground in Haiti.


You can help in three ways

  1. Be a pen pal or integrate the pen pal program into your curriculum.  The U.S. pen pal would receive photos and scans of their partner’s writings and artwork to which they can reply with enthusiasm in French or English as a way to further incorporate language acquisition and expand their partner’s sense of self beyond the limitations of their city and country.  If interested in incorporating this program into a classroom curriculum, please contact Melissa Schilling at or Christine Rosakranse at
  2. Help with backend development.  We need programmers to help develop a low bandwidth social network for the exchange of this information.  As you can well imagine Haiti’s infrastructure can only support a certain amount of access and we’d like sharing to be as easy and usable as possible.  If you have ideas, skills, or knowledge of systems already in place that can be leveraged, please let us know ( and
  3. Donate to Project Hope Art.  Money or art supplies are always welcome.   Donate in person or through Fractured Atlas at

About Project HOPE Art – 

Mission: To inspire, heal and improve the quality of life for children in need through the creative process of art.


1. Create Opportunities for children in Haiti to express themselves and be heard through art

2. Facilitate information exchanges between communities in need and those communities that can offer assistance

If you’d like to help, please contact Melissa Schilling at or Christine Rosakranse at


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