Volunteer Work

Project Hope Art, Oakland, CA 

February 2012 – Current

Helping with fundraising by providing services as needed, including working as Chef’s Helper at donor dinners, writing recipe contributions for their book “There Grows the Neighborhood: A Gardening and Cooking Guide from Project Hope Art” (http://projecthopeart.org/art-and-nutrition/), and creating art for auctions.

Fire Art Safety Crew

Summer 2009, 2010

Volunteered for fire safety crew at The Crucible’s Fire Art Festival (Oakland, CA) and The Flaming Lotus Girls’ SOMA (Burning Man, NV).  Attended fire safety orientation taught by Dave X.

Flux Foundation, Oakland, CA

Summer 2009, 2010, 2011

Volunteered on three projects with the Flux Foundation. For Fishbug/Chimera Sententia (2009, http://fluxfoundation.org/portfolio/fishbug/) and The Temple of Flux (2010, Burning Man), I painted exterior metal and wood for both projects.  Also, provided moral support and humor for the crew.  For BrollyFlock (2011, http://fluxfoundation.org/portfolio/brollyflock/), sewed umbrella shells for the piece.

Interlock Media – Web Designer 

March 2007 – September 2009

Primary responsibilities included copy editing, graphic design, and code implementation for this non-profit media company.  This includes sites for Interlock Media, Inc. and the Orange Innovation Center, both seeking to bring awareness to the plight of indigenous populations, prisoners, and children.  Sites utilize CSS, HTML, PHP, and Javascript.

Lyric House – Assistant Instructor, San Francisco, CA

September 2005 – January 2006

Volunteered as an Assistant Instructor for Lyric House, a program designed for the students at high-need elementary schools to help develop there creativity and communication skills by writing their own lyrics and performing their songs.  In this way, with music, the young students were able to share their emotions and struggles with a greater audience in a therapeutic and educational way.



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