Gallery Shows and Events

Gallery Shows and Exhibitions

Bubbles and Beauties, Rooz Coffee Shop, Oakland, CA, March/April 2013, Collages

Dust and Glitter, Decompression, San Francisco, October 2012, Large Format Prints of Burning Man Art from 2009-2011

Failure, Pecha Kucha, San Francisco, May 2009, at Autodesk, San Francisco, Graphic Design Presentation

Photos Featured Online –… (photo essay)-…


Poetry Readings

Featured at:

The Live Worms Gallery

The Beat Museum (North Beach, SF)

Bird and Beckett Books (with David Meltzer and others),

Get Lit @ CAV (SF)

Look Gallery (SF): The Women of the Left Bank, reading translations of Concha Mendez

Academic Work Featured Online’

Blogs with My Commentary

Events I Organized

Augmenting Human Compassion, Techliminal, Oakland, CA November 2009.

  • Gathered a collection of interactive art for the participants, including:
  • Fractal manipulation: Epimorphism by Gene Shuman, vibrant high precision simulated video feedback. Method of interaction: a fractal is projected on the 4 x 6 ft screen. The user uses a midi controller (slide interface) to alter variables in the algorithm, frequency, and color scheme of the projected fractal
  • “Platforms” by the Aphrodite Project,

Love the ‘Stache, Illumination Village Fundraiser/Art and Tech Event,

  • The Boxshop, San Francisco, CA,
  • Organized the installation of many fire art projects and interactive electronic projects.
  • Raised $2500 for village infrastructure including upgrade to power grid
  • DJs: Camtastic, Dex Stakker (Opulent Temple), and more….
  • Interactive Art: Osc’s Borealis, Musical Tire Swing, Fluid Light Wall and much more….
  • Plus: Lasers by Micro of UV99, Fire Installations!!!

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