Team Being

My work has always centered on combining technology, art, empathy, compassion, communication, and psychology to create and explore new modes of fostering a more compassionate world through digital media. I have revamped my website to begin a new initiative called Team Being that will curate my research, findings, and multimedia experiments at Advertisements

Current State of Solidarity Affairs

One unfortunate consequence of the increasing sophistication and ubiquity of technology has been the general reduction of empathy and solidarity in everyday life. Due in part to the addictive and distracting effect of mobile computing, the average individual disconnects from his or her immediate environment and the people within it in favor of communication with…

Go Grow It

Presentation prepared for RPI.  This site presents container gardening projects with easy to follow steps.  This would be a precursor to a site like Instructables.

Co.Create: A Social Creation Network

cocreatefinal Co-Create by Christine Rosakranse– Co-create addresses the stress of online social networking malaise. According to creator Christine Rosakranse “people tend to feel lonely after going on Facebook.” Co-create allows users to work on collaborative art projects that keep them connected to their friends through a physical and sustainable long-term medium. Co-create allows users to combine…

Common Ground: A Metta Compassion App

Welcome to Common Ground: A Metta Compassion Application. MIrroring traditional methods for engendering compassion, we have designed an application that facilitates a practice that increases the amount of loving-kindness we have not only for ourselves, but for our friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. Designed with four distinct learning phases that elicit compassionate responses, the application…